Mini Chain Hoist CH-300


- The body is shortest distance for chain electric.
- The special clutch can be cutted when it load overweight.
- The chain is an alloy steel, it is imported,it is strongest and endureing, the safe coefficient is over 6.
- The strong brake is accurate and safe, th structure of subject is simple, it is easy to assemble and take down, the rate of breakdown is lowest
- Hanger can be revolved by 360 degree, and has the safe botton of avoid to dropping
- Heavy duty IP65 waterproof switch with emergency stop K613A as an option
- Come Chiyeh with 4.5 m power lead and industry plug
- Come Chiyeh with 6 m pendant control


- Lifting Capacity (top layer) kg: 300
- Lifting Speed : 10M
- Motor Output 110V kw x A : 1.4 x 8
- Motor Output 220-240V kw x A: 1.4 x 4
- Motor Type: series wound
- Brake : mechanical ratchet
- Lifting Height m: 5
- Chain : 6.3 mm
- Percentage Duty Cycle: 30% ED

  • Manufactured by: KIO

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